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Moments from Shannon's Episode

11 November 2019
Shannon wasn’t lying when he said he’s normally the life of any party, it was pretty clear to see in last night’s episode. Shannon and his 'Over The Top' family gave us a lot of moments where we were Laughing Out Loud.
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These are some of the moments that stood out for us…

- When Shannon’s mom openly admitted to being judgemental; not many people will admit to being judgemental so it was a breath of fresh air when Shannon's mom let us know what his possible suitor will have to deal with. By the looks of things, Shannon's family is part of the packaged deal he comes with.

- The conversation at the lunch table definitely left little to the imagination; the candidates were flustered when asked about their past dating life and their sex life. It was more awkward because the questions came from Shannon's mom. At least they got the difficult conversation out the way and it should be smooth sailing from here on. But, then again, you can never be too sure with Shannon's family.

- When Jac wasn’t impressed at Shannon being on Tinder and Grinder; if looks could kill, Shannon would be a dead man. For the sake of 'first date peace' Jac composed himself and didn't carry on with the online dating conversation. 

- Jac and Shannon’s date got us in our feelings, they got on like a house on fire. Usually when you first meet someone the nerves make things very uncomfortable and awkward but Jac and Shannon got along very well from the time they said 'Hello' #Goals

- When Shannon said he doesn’t want anyone with ‘big ears’ haha; how else will you be heard Shannon? Shannon had a long list of what he doesn't want and among the list was ' a partner with big ears' and an attorney. We just glad Jac ticked all the right boxes and hopefully he'll be the perfect man for Shannon.

Let’s see what you had to say about last night’s episode

It was so good Mabongi is even thinking of signing up

Shannon's snooping skills were on the spotlight

Your approval is much appreciated, Janet 😉

These are just some of the moments that stood out, feel free to share with us what stood out for you on FacebookTwitter and Instagram  using #FindingTheOne

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