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The best rescues of Chicago Fire

04 January 2023
Let's take a look at the daring rescues of Chicago Fire.

Chicago Fire brings flames with every single episode. The team at Firehouse 51 is bold, brave, and never backs down from a challenge. Let's look at some of their most daring rescues. 

When a little boy is buried deep in the sand at the beach, the Chicago Fire squad comes to the rescue. It’s a daring one that keeps your heart pounding. Luckily the skilled team gets to him on time. Can we just say that Chief Boden serves us major rescue goals here.

Now, this scene wrecked our nerves. When a parking situation goes terribly wrong, the team is faced with one of its deadliest rescues. How do you prevent a car from falling from the top of a building with the driver trapped inside? Let’s watch this incredible rescue scene again.

Talk about a botched plastic surgery job. This victim was left fighting for her life when she was injected with cement by a shady so-called doctor. Shay and Dawson work their magic and manage to save her life. 

When a hostage situation at a grocery store takes a dark turn, it’s Severide to the rescue. Do you remember this brave moment when he dropped in from the roof and rescued the hostages? Quick thinking always saves the day.

Here comes ... team 51! Wedding bells ended in smoke and flames in this explosive episode. The team came to the rescue risking their lives with one of the deadliest fires ever seen. 

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