9-1-1: Lone Star to the rescue

01 November 2022
Taking a look at some of the daring rescues from the show.
a firefighter

9-1-1: Lone Star has given us some of the scariest and craziest emergencies. The team is equipped with all the right skills to successfully pull off elaborate rescues. Let’s look at some of the most daring rescue moments from this brave team.

An MRI machine nightmare
The team is faced with a sticky situation when a man is trapped in between a magnetic MRI machine that can’t be turned off. Strand quickly comes up with a plan, eliminates anyone with steel or metal platings that pose a further danger, and gets TK and Carlos to help free the man. The situation gets more complex when a patient rescued from inside the machine has a severe neck wound. Of course, this highly skilled team is able to save the patient in the nick of time.

A hostage situation
Things get extremely dangerous when Tommy, TK, and Nancy are taken hostage by a deranged man named Tony, who wants them to save the life of his badly injured friend. He insists on no hospitals and Tommy gets him to take them to her husband’s abandoned restaurant instead. With the clock ticking, Tommy tries to reason with Tony to allow them to go to the hospital but he won't listen and attacks her. Good old Strand comes to the rescue and shoots him on the spot, thus saving Tommy's life.

TK overdoses
This one hit close to home for Strand. When TK fails to answer his door, Strand realises something is wrong and summons the team to the rescue. They break into his apartment and find an unconscious TK on the floor. The paramedics get to work to save one of their own. It was a tender father and son moment once TK was revived.

The pizza call
Based on the events of a real-life 9-1-1 pizza call. A woman who’s trapped with her armed and dangerous abusive boyfriend calls the 9-1-1 team and pretends she is ordering a pizza. Grace answers the call and calmly talks the woman through the life-threatening situation, extracting enough information in order to help rescue her. The entire scene is chilling and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

A rattlesnake rescue
The team responds to a call about a snake loose in a house with a baby and a babysitter. Luckily the team finds the baby unharmed but things get super deadly when the team finds the babysitter passed out in the basement surrounded by several deadly rattlesnakes! The team blasts the snakes with some CO2, giving them enough time to enter the snake's lair and rescue the babysitter.

Which rescue did you enjoy the most? Catch more daring rescues on 9-1-1 Lone Star season 3 from 30 November on Me, channel 115.