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16 November 2022
We've got the scoop on the new Gossip Girl.
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Hello Upper East Siders! This just in, a new generation of preppy high schoolers arises with the Gossip Girl reboot. What can you expect? Will there be drama? Who will find love? Well, we’ve got all the gossip right here for you.

The show boasts a diverse cast and introduces several characters from different ethnic backgrounds and different sexual orientations.

The new Queen B of Constance Billard is Julien Calloway, played by newcomer Jordan Alexander. Julien is a smart social media influencer and will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even if it means playing dirty. She reunites with her half-sister Zoya Lott, played by Whitney Peak. Zoya is quite the opposite of Julien, she is more reserved, has high morals, and as the new girl at Constance Billard, she has enormous trouble fitting in. It's like we always secretly wished Blair and Serena were sisters...oh well, moving on.

Obie Bergmann, played by Eli Brown, is the dashing “prince” of Constance Billard and serves as a love interest for both Jordan and Zoya. Yikes, it’s getting spicy already. Obie is rich and quite a philanthropist, and has girls falling over their heels for him. We're getting some Chuck Bass vibes here. Oh, the nostalgia.

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Other exciting and cool characters include Max Wolfe, a pansexual who is said to be a big flirt. Audrey Hope is a rebellious teen and Julien’s best friend. Aki Menzies is the cool skateboarder and movie buff, and is Obie’s best friend, and Audrey’s boyfriend! You can expect some major love triangles from the show, so brace yourself. And as you guessed it, Gossip Girl is ready to expose everyone’s secrets with the touch of a button!

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Any familiar faces?
Some familiar faces from the original series return. You can expect to see the lovable Dorita (Zuzanna Szadkowski), as well as Blair Walldorf’s mother, Eleanor Waldorf-Rose (Margaret Colin), and her stepdad Cyrus Rose (Wallace Shawn).

Ooh, and don’t you worry, Kirsten Bell returns as the familiar voice of the infamous Gossip Girl!

Watch some of the cast play a fun game of Never Have I Ever.

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