M-Net premieres Girl, Taken

13 February 2023
M-Net premieres Girl, Taken, the heartbreaking true story of Zephany Nurse as you’ve never seen it. The riveting and layered documentary will be on Channel 101 in February.
baby cot with a teddy

It takes a lot for a story to not only make the news but gain national attention. Even by South African standards, the news of abducted baby Zephany Nurse, who was found almost two decades later, continues to be a shocker. 

Now, M-Net is pleased to premiere Girl, Taken, a riveting, heartbreaking documentary that delves deep into what happened when Zephany was abducted, the story of how she was found – and how everyone has coped since being thrust into the international spotlight. Catch it on Channel 101 on Sunday 19 February at 20:05. 

Described by critics as “gripping”, “complex” and “full of emotion”, Girl, Taken is directed by Francois Verster and Simon Wood. It won Best South African Documentary at the Durban International Film Festival, where the jury lauded its “many twists and turns”. 

The story of Baby Zephany, who was raised as Miche Solomon, is one many are familiar with – but not like this. 

In Girl, Taken, she speaks about her upbringing; the devastation caused by her abduction coming to light; the dramatic criminal trial of the mother who raised her; and why she chose to stay with the Solomon family, even after learning that she had been abducted and given a new identity.

Zephany’s biological parents, Celeste and Morne Nurse, open up about the pain of losing their baby, the joy of finding her again, and the torment of losing her a second time. While the world celebrated a rare, feel-good story about a stolen child making her way back to her parents, in reality the people behind the headlines were struggling to find their grip in the middle of a storm. 

This documentary follows the process of two broken families climbing the difficult path towards forgiveness and wholeness. It’s their story, told in their own words. 

Don’t miss Girl, Taken when it premieres on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) on Sunday 19 February at 20:05.