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23 September 2021
It was a simpler time.
Things from the 80s that we miss article lethal legends

It has been theorised that the microgeneration of peeps born between the late 1970s to early 1980s are Xennials. 💪 Coined by Sarah Stankorb in the online magazine, Good, she writes: “I was born in 1980. According to some sources, this makes me a Gen Xer. According to others, I’m a Millennial. That makes me what then, a Xennial?” 🙋

She continues: “I’d argue that those of us in between X and Millennial got some of the best of both worlds; we lucked out on history’s unwind. We adapted easily to technological advances but weren’t as beholden to them as our juniors.

“… Those of us born in the fuzzy borderland between Gen X and Millennial are old enough to have logged in to our first email addresses in college. We use social media but can remember living life without it. The internet was not a part of our childhoods, but computers existed and there was something special about the opportunity to use one.”

As good arguments go, it is hard to refute this one. It makes sense that some of us experienced what is an analogue childhood but grew up alongside digital technology. 💌 It is easy to feel extreme nostalgia for those simpler times. The Lethal Legends movie pop-up channel has heightened those memories so here is a list of things that Xennials ought to miss.

The music

As disco faded, electronic music took over the soundwaves from radio to radio. One of the most defining features is synthesisers. The greats like the late Whitey Houston; music mega star, the late Michael Jackson; crooner Lionel Richie, and pop queen Madonna were forging their names in history. It was a time of mixed tapes – ahem, recording music from the radio – local legends such as Brenda Fassie, MarcAlex and Hotstix. Just thinking about some of these tunes leaves our feet tapping.

Playing outside

Screentime? No, that didn’t exist as we know it today. We entertained ourselves by playing outside with our friends for the day during holidays. Games like hopscotch were firm favourites, as were riding bikes and skateboards. We got our clothes dirty, our knees scraped. It was all in the name of adventure, fun, and thorough innocent enjoyment. The outside world presented a huge playground of endless hours of happiness.

Related to playing outside, is drive-in movies. The open sky. The big screen. Sitting with the family, having snacks, and feeling rather sophisticated to be at such a venue.

And speaking of friends, there were some who had pen-pals all over the globe. Friendships were formed across oceans even though the chance of meeting the person were slim. Exchanging hand-written letters meant that opening the post box was a time of delight and eager anticipation. 💌

The cartoons

Before computer animation took off, there were wholesome hand-drawn animation TV series and movies. Top of mind are: Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, ThunderCats, and The Smurfs, to mention a few.

Tinkerbell nail polish and makeup

For little ones world over, this brand is the equivalent of getting Chanel make-up as an adult. And it made the wearer feel posh and rather classy. New product releases were something to look forward to as the make-up arsenal steadily grew. Memories of flaunting your nails or new perfume are always cherished.

Renting movies

Before streaming and satellite services, there were shops to rent VHS tapes and watch movies at home. You could keep the movie for a limited time and return it when you were done. This often became a fond family outing, along with the snack haul to watch said movies. With the Lethal Legends pop-up channel, what are you nostalgic about?

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Sources: Good, the online magazine 

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