The ‘Law’ of perfection

03 September 2021
Our favourite Jude Law films of all time.
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Jude Law, the English stud who made a name himself in Hollywood through films such as The Talented Mr Ripley and Cold Mountain, has had quite a few memorable film roles, so we're giving you five of our favourites.

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Talented Mr Ripley (1999)

In this film, Law plays a carefree and spoilt lover boy who is living it up in Italy, much to the frustration of his family. When his father sends Tom Ripley, played by Matt Damon, to bring him home. Things turn ugly when Mr Ripley goes to extreme ends. Law’s portrayal of Dickie Greenleaf earned him a Best Actor in a Supporting role Oscar nomination.

Cold Mountain (2003)

In this film, Law takes on the romantic lead in a story about civil war,  starring opposite Nicole Kidman. Law plays a soldier who, after getting wounded in the war, tries to find his way back to his sweetheart (Kidman) as she struggles to maintain her family home. This character earned him his second Oscar nomination.

Sherlock Holmes (2009/2011)

Far from elementary, both the original offering and the sequel are great examples of how much charm the chemistry between actors and characters can produce. Law and Robert Downey Jr play the detective duo of Dr Watson (Law) and Sherlock Holmes (Downey Jr).

Contagion (2011)

Contagion is quite an interesting one as it remains relevant, even to the current pandemic. The film tells the story of a deadly virus that begins to rapidly spread around the world, wreaking havoc and changing how society lives. Law plays a journo who profits from the hysteria.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

A quirky and nostalgic offering. Law plays a young writer who stays in the titular European hotel who is recounted with an amazing story about the hotel in its heyday and one eccentric and loyal concierge named M. Gustave.

We’ve listed ours, but which is your top five out of Jude Law’s film catalogue?


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