The cast of Dam

05 January 2022
Meet the talented cast of Dam.
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Showmax's original series Dam is a chilling psychological thriller set in a rural town in the Eastern Cape. The story focuses on Yola Fischer, a young woman returning home for her father's funeral. After her return, she is haunted by spirits from her past and is pulled into a mysterious and terrifying conspiracy. What is the town hiding? Who can she trust? What are the spirits trying to tell her? You don't want to miss this chilling tale that features some of the best South African talent. Introducing the cast:

Lea Vivier as Yola Fischer

Born and bred in the Cape, Lea had a taste for acting from a young age. She's the younger sister of actress Trix Vivier (who stars in Legacy as Petra Potgieter). Lea is well known for her roles as Lika in Binneladers, Emmie in Die Spreeus, and Amy in A Girl From St. Agnes. Lea takes the lead role in Dam and wonderfully brings to life the character Yola, a woman who has to face her childhood traumas all over again as she encounters a sinister dilemma in her hometown. The character is bold, brave, and will stop at nothing to uncover the truth and take on the townspeople. Yola is the key to solving the mystery.

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Antoinette Louw as Dora Fischer

Louw is known for her role as Inge van Schalkwyk on 7de Laan and also won an award for her performance in the South African film, Skid Marks. Louw plays Dora, Yola's aunt, who has taken on the role of a mother figure to both Yola and her younger sister Sienna. She's calm and collected on the outside, but Dora holds some secrets of her own...

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Neil Sandilands as Bernoldus

Sandilands is an accomplished and versatile actor known for his roles in international shows such as The Flash and The 100. He plays Bernoldus, the town's local and eccentric handyman. He has great knowledge of the town's history and often gives people rhymes and riddles, which may hold the answers to many of the questions Yola is searching for.

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Faniswa Yisa as Lindiwe Zita

Yisa is an excellent South African actress and earned an African Movie Academy Award nomination for her role in Knuckle City. She can also be seen on Showmax's original drama, Blood Psalms. She takes on the character of Lindiwe, Themba's aunt and the nurse of Yola and Sienna's mother at the physiatric institute. She is privy to some secrets that she is not supposed to know and has some deadly dilemmas of her own. 

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Pallance Dlada as Themba Zita

A multi-award winner, Pallance is no stranger to the South African screen. You'll know him from Rhythm City, Isithunzi, and Isibaya to name a few. Pallance plays Themba, a biker who returns to town in search of his missing grandfather. He meets Yola and is taken with her. Little does she know, he comes with many dangers of his own.

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Siv Ngesi as Victor

Having featured in Still Breathing, The Man Cave, Knuckle City, and more, Ngesi needs no introduction. Ngesi plays Victor, another biker, and enemy of Themba. He is hard to the bone and will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means playing dirty.

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Laudo Liebenberg as Rudy Reese

Liebenberg is the lead singer for the South African band aKING. He takes on the role of Rudy, the leader of the town who is power-hungry and wants to rule the town as he thinks it's his birthright. He poses a big threat to Yola.

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Gerald Steyn as Max Reese

Steyn shined on local dramas Lioness and Reyka, where he played a man of action. In Dam, he takes on the role of Rudy's younger brother Max. He has a taste for danger and trouble and harbours deep feelings for Yola.

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