Dear pretty little liars ...

03 July 2023
Lock your doors, A is coming ... 🔪
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Hey liars, are you ready for spine-chilling horror to hit your screens? Then you’re in luck. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is coming to Me, channel 115. Let's get clued up on the terror that awaits.

Pregnant teen Imogen (Bailee Madison) becomes wrapped up in a deadly scandal linked to her mother’s dark past. But what exactly went down 20 years ago between her mother and her high school classmates? Well, for starters their classmate Angela Walters committed suicide. This tragedy shook the town of Millwood and its unhealed wounds and secrets linger ...

The sins of the mothers visited upon their daughters. A

In the present day, the terror continues in the town of Millwood. Imogen and her friends are taunted by a masked figure and a series of deadly texts and notes, and as you guessed in true Pretty Little Liars style, it's signed off, A. Imogen and the gang need to explore their parents' past and piece together the clues to uncover A’s identity. The lies keep coming and the bodies keep piling. 

You can't ignore the past forever, the countdown is on. A

Meanwhile, Imogen is faced with major issues of her own such as bullying, teen pregnancy, and trust issues with her friends. Actress Bailee Madison perfectly embodies this role and she's no stranger to horror, after starring in quite a few episodes of RL Stine's The Haunting Hour.

Watch her discuss her character Imogen:

Take an on-set tour with actress Malia Pyles, who plays Minnie "Mouse" Honrada:

The Pretty Little Liars spin-off promises to be darker and includes more elements of horror, mimicking popular teen slasher movies of yesteryear.

Catch Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin from 20 July on Me, channel 115.