The 5 Best Michael Bay Blockbusters

24 July 2015
M-Net Movies takes a look at five blockbusters from filmmaker Michael Bay.
michael bay

Let’s be honest. Michael Bay is not exactly renowned for producing stirring dramas or insightful characters. If you want plot exposition and character development, you’re better off turning to the likes of Richard Linklater or Mike Leigh.

Michael Bay is your go-to-guy if you want big explosions, big robots, big disasters...basically: if you want scale and spectacle, he’s your man. His directorial features include all the action-packed Transformers’ instalments in the movie franchise including the latest, Age of Extinction.

Since we love big blockbusters as much as movies with deeper meanings and even deeper characters, we couldn't let the chance slip to take a closer look at this action movie king. With that in mind, we picked out five of the best Michael Bay blockbusters.

Bad Boys (1995)

His feature film debut was a commercial success, thanks to big explosions, thrilling car chases and a killer soundtrack – and confirmed that Bay was more than capable of handling ambitious action set pieces. The chemistry between comedian Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, at that time still starring in hit TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, cemented the movie's place in the buddy cop genre.

The Rock (1996)

This movie about an FBI agent and a former spy who have to ward off an attack on San Francisco from a manic military general is relentless, no-holds barred action. Starring a foul-mouthed Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage flexing his action muscles properly for the first time, it remains the best received of Bay’s movie amongst critics.

Armageddon (1998)

Watching Michael Bay movies means suspending your disbelief big time, and Armageddon makes a huge demand on your imagination with its story of an oil driller sent to space to save Earth from an asteroid. But improbable plots and the gooey romance aside, the action is undeniably awesome, particular in the explosive scene where Paris is pulverised.

The Island (2005)

Bay veered from his usual fare to deliver a sci-fi flick about a facility that produces clones of rich people who wish to harvest their organs. However, these clones are sentient, and not happy about being used as vassals for the rich. Despite being the brainiest of Bay’s blockbusters, and still chock full of his customary chases and explosions, it bombed at the box office.

Transformers (2007)

Having established his status as an action movie maestro, it was inevitable that the first live action movie based on the Transformers' toy line fell into Bay’s lap. The story was praised for containing a human element in Shia LeBeouf’s lead; but, of course, the audience was happiest seeing their favourite toys come to life. The first movie spawned three sequels which, although critically panned, still blew audiences away with their incredible visual effects.