Television Trios

20 June 2017
In honour of the Big Three on This Is Us, we look at more television trio favourites.

It’s said: “all good things come in threes”, and we agree. You just need to think of suits, sandwiches and, of course, the siblings on This Is Us to know it’s true.

Kevin, Kate, and Randall have already won our hearts in the highly acclaimed new drama series on M-Net. Watching their special connection unfold every week on This Is Us made us think back on other memorable TV trios. Here are four more of our favourites.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Through seven seasons Buffy, Willow, and Xander stuck together through it all: high school, college, adulting…not to mention all the demons, vampires and ghosts that inhabited the town of Sunnydale.

Charlie’s Angels

Sabrina, Jill, and Kelly were known as much for their big hair as their crime-fighting skills. Despite constant cast and character changes in the Angel line-up, they remained a tightly-knit trio. The show ran for five years, and was revived thirty years later with a movie adaption.


This Is Us has the Big Three, Charmed had the Power of Three. This trio consisted of three women, sisters and witches, gifted with magical powers that they used to save San Francisco from all kinds of evil.

Three’s Company

We loved knocking on the door to Jack, Janet, and Chrissy’s flat in this classic comedy about three roommates pulling the wool over the eyes of their conservative landlord. Even though it centred on the three roommates, anyone who watched the show will remember the Ropers just as fondly.

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