Summertide love

13 February 2024
Here are the cast's real-life partners.

It's the month of February and love is in the air. We've seen our fair share of love, and love triangles, on Summertide and enjoy seeing the couples on screen. Let's take a look at some of the cast's real-life partners. 

Jan Combrink plays the smart and at times troublesome Tristan Field. He has a girlfriend back in Cyprus but catches the eye of local girl Yolande. It seems he is caught in a love triangle. In real life, Combrink has his very own sweetheart. His girlfriend is Ty Atherton and she is a social media influencer. 

Cassiel Eatock-Winnick plays the straightforward and spontaneous Yolande who is vying for Tristan's affection. Cassiel shared this sweet photo of her and her boyfriend and it seems they love to spend time at the beach. 

Ty Keogh plays Gavin the dreamer and carefree Field. He is in love with Rebecca who doesn't feel the same. Keogh's real-life wife is British actress Shivaani Ghai whom he met on the set of the TV show Dominion. They have one child together.

Frank Rautenbach plays Martin Field, the caring dad and widower who is back in his hometown and faces the trials that come with it. Rebecca was his first love, but Julia is his true love and late wife whom he misses dearly. In real life, Rautenbach is married to Leigh Rautenbach and they recently celebrated their 27th anniversary together.

Amalia Uys plays Julia Field, Martin's late wife whom we often see in flashbacks. She had a passion for conservation and marine life and Martin formed the Julia Field Conservation Trust in her honour. In real life, Uys is married to Shaun Golding.

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