Love triangles – Summertide

22 April 2024
It's a game of love

There are love triangles galore on Summertide. Let's have a look at the lovers and broken hearts of Simon's Town.

Tristan was forced to leave Cyprus and his girlfriend Elena but longed to reunite with her. However, he soon caught the attention of the feisty and free-spired Yolande. Even though he resisted her initial romantic gestures, the chemistry between the two was stronger than a jellyfish's sting, and he finally gave in. The two soon bonded and they developed major feelings for each other. However, in a twist of events, Elena showed up for a surprise visit and waves of emotions. Tristan finally chose Yolande over Elena.

Rebecca and Martin shared something special when they were just teenagers but Martin ended up marrying the love of his life Julia. After her death he returned home, only to find his younger brother Gavin dating Rebecca. Falling more in love with her each day, Gavin decided to take the next step and prepared to pop the big question. But before he could, Rebecca kissed Martin! Even though she said yes to Gavin's proposal, the secret kiss between Martin and Rebecca still lingers in our minds. Will Gavin and Rebecca find their relationship at the deep end of the ocean? Cue the drama ... we're not done with this juicy love triangle just yet.

This is one we never saw coming. Jack and Wilma appeared to be the picture-perfect couple and their love also seemed as deep as the ocean. But soon after Jack's retirement the cracks began to show. Wilma started feeling distant from Jack, and ended up accepting the kiss from her boss Bruce, who was smitten with her from day one. Ridden with guilt, she confessed to Jack about the kiss which further put a strain on their marriage. Will they be able to fix it once and for all?

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