So tough for #TeamLIRA in the KnockOuts – The Voice SA

01 April 2019
The all-new KnockOut format was trialled by LIRA’s talent – and it certainly wasn’t easy for our Coach, as evidenced on Twitter.
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Comments for last night’s singers were almost exclusively complimentary – and there lay the problem for LIRA: as outlined here, the new KnockOut format is designed to delight viewers and torture our poor Coaches!

The fact that she could only immediately save three singers, and another three at the end of the round, meant that anyone LIRA didn’t choose was up for a Steal. She was philosophical in the episode, encouraging her team to be the most stolen – it effectively means they’re still in the competition, where they deserve to be – but in reality it wasn’t that easy.

Poor Nikki, who was first up, literally crept back to her chair in the hope of a Steal!

With Mo George, the reality of the Steals REALLY got to LIRA.

But she remained composed.

Riana was getting beady eyes for Krista – Miss LIRA must have noticed: she sent the soulful singer straight to the Safe Zone.

Similarly, Riky may have stolen the PJ Twins.

The frustration was starting to show for our Coach – and she could be thankful no-one Stole Petro.

Riky felt that he needed to “protect” Ross Charles – and LIRA’s reaction said it all!

After not saving him first time ‘round, LIRA did manage to hang onto Sbu, and remember:

Riana’s feelings for Corneil, who she Stole, were VERY evident!

LIRA, who broke the rules for him in the Blind Auditions, was in tears!

Ultimately though, LIRA 'survived' – but we’re sure it wasn’t easy…

Good luck to the other Coaches – the KnockOuts may knock them out!

Remember: You can still save your fave from the four singers who didn’t make it through from #TeamLIRA – details here.

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