Qiniso Van Damme as cupcakes – The Bachelorette SA

25 March 2021
When the best in the game go toe to toe.
Qiniso Van Damme as cupcakes – The Bachelorette SA

The only thing we love more than watching The Bachelorette SA? Watching The Bachelorette SA while wolfing down a perfectly curated selection of dainty cupcakes, then washing them down with salty tears (because we cry at every single Rose Ceremony) as well as our choice Bachelorette signature cocktail for the week (we’re partial to ‘The Greg’).

So because The Bachelorette SA is probably the best reality dating show on South African television right now, and because cupcakes are the Beyonce of confectionaries, we decided to put these two winners together for the collaboration of a lifetime: Qiniso and cupcakes!

Qiniso + Cupcakes wins top honours in our completely made-up Oscars for paired things, joining fish + chips, champers + hangovers, peanut butter and jam, Lucy + Ethel and Dorothy + Toto in receiving top honours.

Without wasting any more of your time, all hail this beautiful photoset of Qiniso Van Damme as cupcakes that’s making us happy and also hungry right now.

                                                                                               Qiniso as cupcakes:

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Keen to see what delicious things Qiniso gets up to on this week's episode of The Bachelorette SA? Peep the below:

An emotional rollercoaster


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