Six ‘Cocktails For Qiniso’ to try – The Bachelorette SA

08 March 2021
We asked the gents to create signature cocktails for Qiniso – and honestly, we’re glad we did.

Our gents are not just talented at being easy on the eye. They have a fine grasp of drinks too. A couple of weeks ago, we challenged them to create sexy signature drinks for the apple (martini) of their collective eye, our Bachelorette Qiniso, and boy did the gents deliver!

Seriously, try these The Bachelorette SA cocktails out in your own home. We did, and the results are decidedly delicious! Our friends at Thirst Bar would be proud.

*Remember to always drink responsibly.

Cocktails made for love:

What: The Peter

Where to drink it: After-work drinks

Goodbye school-boy, hello, grown and sexy mixologist! Peter’s cocktail may look simple, but that mix of fruit and smoked cinnamon says otherwise. Because we’re insufferable, we see ourselves savouring this at after-work drinks, then calling a cab and heading home to obsess over whether stroking our CEO’s beard and calling him “insanely uptight, but a cool dude” was the right thing to do, or if we should go ahead and resign now while taking off our left faux snakeskin boot (ethically and sustainably produced, of course).

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What: The Kyran

Where to drink it: On a balcony. Any balcony

Grenadine is the Beyonce of the fruit kingdom – and these are nothing but facts. Like, have you ever? It outsings, outdances and outshines all fruit, and does it with so much grace it’s making us emotional just thinking about it. Grenadine pulls its weight and gives everyone 90 percent in the group project. It is the bonding glue that holds edges together; the ...Oh hold on. Thought we were talking about GRANADILLA. 👀 As you were! *Backs away slowly* But yes, The Kyran is lovely, with a winning combination of tart and sweet; the best thing to be in the whole world. PS – Why would the namer of things choose to call it “grenadine”, when it’s made from pomegranate and not granadilla. Why not pomegradine? 🤔

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What: The Greg

Where to drink it: Anywhere, really

Gregory is a supremely talented real-life bartender and mixologist (did you not see his Red-Carpet entrance? 🍹), so brother man knows his stuff. Presenting his masterpiece created especially for Qiniso (and now us – yaay), a simple cocktail he calls ‘The Love Jungle’ (fancy-pants name too). Definitely drinking this at lots of places – and by lots of places, we mean at home because we’re still social distancing.

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What: The Justin

Where to drink it: In your garden

Qiniso has said it plenty times; “I’m a whiskey kinda gal” and although this is not a whiskey-based cocktail, The Justin is not too sweet for our Bachelorette’s palate. We love how simple and straightforward this is (love that there’s grapefruit in there too) and we have a feeling we could swop out the base ingredient – and it would still be stellar.

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What: The Ten 

Where to drink it: At a family braai

Our international man of mystery Ten may have left the mansion, but he lives on in this recipe for sangria! Inspired by his stay in Spain, this original recipe sangria continues to prove you can dash wine and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Take that, uppidy wine snobs of the world! PS –Special shoutout to Mozambican Katembe too. 😍

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What: The Keelan

Where to drink it: At a lounge (and maybe even in yours too)

We’ll just call this The Keel-a, because base ingredient is… yup, you guessed right – TEQUILA! Little salt (of course) little mint and lots of crushed ice and you’ve got a winner.

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Watch below for more cocktail inspiration!

Bottoms up!


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