Month of love winner

29 March 2021
Thanks to everyone who entered the competition.
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During the month of love, February, we asked viewers to share their love stories and tell us which movie best describes their story and why. The prize was a mini getaway at The Capital Hotels and Apartments.

The lucky winner is Yolandรฉ van Aswegen. She compared her love story to the timeless classic, Little Women, and we share an edited version of her submission below:

The movie Little Women best describes my relationship with my husband, Jaco. Like Jo March, I was a very determined, quick-tempered woman from a small town, who'd always believed that there is more to life than love and just being someone's wife.

When I went to Pretoria โ€“ like Jo went to New York โ€“ to pursue my dreams, I met my husband, Jaco, who stayed in the same house as my friend.

Like Jo, I didn't believe in love and when Jaco declared his love to me, I pushed him away thinking that he'd make me lose my independence as a woman. Jaco tried for two years to get me to marry him. I refused.

Until the day he said he was leaving to live in Nelspruit. My heart was broken, and I didn't want him to go.ย ๐Ÿ’” It was only then that I realised that he had always been my true love and I couldn't imagine living without him in my life. I asked him to stay.

We've been married for 21 yearsย and we're so happy!ย He shares my passions and allows me to be me. True love always wins!ย ๐Ÿ’˜

Featured image: Pexels

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