Memorable Movie Kings

21 May 2018
Movie kings that reign supreme.

Over the years we’ve seen many kings on the big and small screen. Some made great leaders, while others made great villains. We take a look at memorable movie kings that have long left their thrones, but whose marks remain.

The Man In The Iron Mask

Leonardo DiCaprio had us seeing double in this epic tale of two brothers vying for the throne. Leo plays both the ruthless Louis XIII and the humble Phillipe, who was imprisoned and would eventually dethrone  his brother and take his rightful place.

The Lion King

The most memorable Disney movie to date that introduced us to the  mighty King Mufusa. His bitter sibling Scar wants to be king at any cost – even at the blood of both Simba and Mufusa. It’s everyone greatest childhood memory, watching Simba outplay his vicious uncle Scar and become The Lion King.

The Scorpion King

Dwayne Johnson took us by storm by playing the powerful, mythical Scorpion King that leads a great army into battle against Memnon. Half man, half beast, his wrath was far worse than any scorpion sting and the Mormon army eventually bows to him, naming him their king.

Coming to America

A movie that showed us the lighter and humorous side of being a royal. Eddie Murphy is a young African Prince (soon to be King) disguised as a mere burger shop employee in NYC. His adventures in America are hilarious as he falls for a charming  young woman who proves that she loves him without all his silver and gold.

Black Panther

A king and a superhero! Black Panther who is recently mourning his father’s death, sets out on an epic battle to protect his people and the technologically advanced Kingdom of Wakanda from evasion. Watch the #Lallland interviews here.

Other honourable mentions:

King Louie, who would do anything to learn the secret of fire, from a little man cub named Mowgli.

King Kong, the mighty ruler of Skull Island.

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