Meet Tommy

11 June 2020
Tommy's her name, fighting crime is the game!
Tommy S1 Article Image

Edie Falco takes on LA as the brilliant and headstrong Abigail Tommy who becomes the first female head of police for the LAPD. If you're a fan of Eldie, then you're got to see her shine on this one.

Here's why we think she's the right woman for the job!

She's a great boss!

Heading up the entire department of the LAPD is not an easy task, but Tommy tackles it with great ease, a great demeanor, and expertise. She listens to those under her and always provides valuable insight. Her former NYPD background and superb cop instincts provide a good base to be a good leader amongst LA's finest officers.

She's a force out in the field

Over the season, you'll see Tommy take on various cases and bring her great flare to it. She's daring and determined to bring justice to those in need, often putting her life on the line. This chief is a true die-hard, who's not afraid to face the many dangers of her calling. With a gun in her hand and great passion in her soul, this lady is ready for a fight. 

She's sympathetic

Tommy is known for getting emotionally wrapped into all her cases, we guess it's the passion that shines through. She sees the victims as humans and not as projects. (This is perhaps because she herself was a victim). Her friendly and caring approach often helps her gain the trust of the victims she encounters. A great characteristic to have, but Tommy also knows where to draw the line.

Edie Falco discusses her role on the show and lets us in on some little secrets...

Get on the field with Tommy Season 1, starting on 18 June at 20:50 on M-Net City.