From sketch to the runway – Project Runway

17 August 2022
Taking a look at some of the glorious sketches that came to life on Project Runway!
project runway

The fashion on Project Runway is absolutely mindblowing. Over the past seasons, many young and talented designers have brought to life their incredible designs. From their minds to the sketch board and then to the runway. Let's look at amazing sketches and the final design.


Bold, vibrant colours come to play with many of the designs, and we think with the above ones, the young designers nailed them. It was a colour explosion and a feast to the eyes.


The shape is vital when it comes to design and the perfect cut speaks volumes. The designers have come up with mesmerising angles and articulated them into masterpieces. A model doesn't just wear an outfit, they own it!


Playing around with textures is key. The texture must compliment the entire design, look, and feel. The designers must think out of the box and sometimes even out of this world!


We're talking fabric magic. The fabric must flow on the runway as effortlessly as the models strut, and on every episode of Project Runway, it does! 

For more fashion that is a cut above the rest tune into Project Runway season 19 from Mondays to Thursdays at 19:00 on Me, channel 115.