Friday night movies on M-Net

05 June 2024
Stay warm with hot movies this winter.
movie collage against popcorn background

Winter is coming, which means it’s the perfect time to stay in, pop corn, heat hot chocolate, and snuggle on the couch with a good movie. You get the snacks and M-Net will sort out the movies. Here’s your Friday night 20:00 line-up for June.

Little Fish

Friday 7 June
Covid had us rewatching every virus movie we could get our hands on, from the close-to-home Contagion and Outbreak to the zombie varieties of World War Z, Train to Busan, and 28 Days Later. Little Fish is another virus film, but threaded through with a love story. It’s kind of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in reverse. In the latter, Jim Carrey’s character tries to intentionally erase his girlfriend from his mind. The tragedy of Little Fish is that of a couple trying to hold together the memories of their relationship while a virus threatens to erase them.
Fun fact: This film stars Olivia Cooke whom you might recognise as Emma Decody from Bates Motel and Alicent Hightower from House of the Dragon.


Friday 14 June
Yes, BlackBerry as in the phone not the fruit. The BlackBerry craze feels so long ago, we almost forgot they were the in thing in cellphones not so many moons ago. But this Canadian comedy – very loosely based on this smartphone’s rise and fall – will remind you how impactful it was.
Fun fact: Let’s keep it about dragons. Jay Baruchel, who plays co-founder Mike Lazaridis, is the voice of Hiccup in the How to Train Your Dragon movies.


Friday 21 June
If you really want an excuse to snuggle closer, what better than a horror movie? Lullaby is a super creepy story about a lullaby that, instead of offering comfort, summons the demon Lilith. The frights might make you jump closer, but the freaky babies will act as the best contraception.
Fun fact: Lead actress Oona Chaplin starred as Talisa Stark in Game of Thrones. She also happens to be the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin.

Mean Girls

Friday 28 June
We end the month on a light note with this reboot of the 2004 teen classic and adaptation of the stage musical. Yes, there is singing in this one, along with lots and lots of pink.
Fun fact: Lindsay Lohan, the star of the original, makes a cameo.  

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