Fashion forward with Marianne Fassler

31 January 2016
Fashion icon and trend-setter Marianna Fassler shares her secret for staying a cut above the rest.
marianne fassler

Fashion icon, creative visionary, businesswoman and mentor! These are just some of the words used to describe fashion designer Marianne Fassler. She’s been dubbed South Africa’s first lady of fashion, and with three decades in the industry, she’s worth every fashion accolade.

Every season sees a fresh new designer making waves on the runway. With our attention being taken and following every trendsetter, it takes something extra special to remain at the top of your game and lead the fashion pages year in and year out. Marianne Fassler has mastered the art of keeping ahead of the trends.

                                                                          Marianne’s statement pieces:

Fashion is a communication tool: not only is it a business, but fashion is about real people buying your clothes. For her clients, her clothes are about freedom of expression and their often provacative element opens the door for interesting conversations.

Our strength is in our diversity: her clothes reflect an “Africaness” that cannot be found anywhere else. They are infused with the spirit of South Africa and are all produced on our shores, evidence of who and where she is. For Marianne; in any path you take, you need to be the best you can possibly be- without losing your freedom.

Life is not meant to be lived ordinary-it must have an edge: your clothes being the first thing people see when they look at you, need to make a statement. And like her clothes, a fun, irreverant and colourful take on life is the only to go.

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Marianne Fassler through the years
Marianne Fassler through the years
Marianne Fassler through the years
Marianne Fassler through the years
Marianne Fassler through the years

Marianne Fassler through the years

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