Dates, Confessions and exits – The Bachelorette SA

26 February 2021
There was everything to play for in an episode that was filled with secrets, regrets, and big confessions.

Last night, M-Net’s The Bachelorette South Africa proved to be as eventful as we have come to expect. The episode got off to a flying start, with Qiniso surprising everyone in the mansion by inviting Craig for a little tea party to have a catch-up with him. Once again, the men in the mansion were surprised and immediately went into high alert and pretty soon, the drama rolled in.

Some highlights from the episode:

The group date

Brad, Vuyani, Aviwe, Gareth, Marc, Kyran, Justin, and Dylan were all called up to go on a Group Date with Q, leaving the others, specifically Ruan, feeling left out. The date comprised of a speed date, which left some of the men tongue-tied. This was then followed by an auction steered by Jason himself and sponsored by Lotto Star. The men had to bid for an attribute that makes for a great relationship, and Kyran won some one-on-one time with South Africa’s Bachelorette. Kryan bid on honesty and trust, and took that theme into the date, telling Qiniso that he had a twelve-year-old son. But even after a great one-on-one, Kyran failed to get a rose from Qiniso.

The Butler

Aviwe generously helped Kyran in his auction bid by financially backing him. Then it was payback time! Aviwe called upon Kyran to be his butler for the day – and in the spirit of good fun and good cheer the nature conservationist, being a man of his word, fully embodied the role and waited on Aviwe and Marc. 

                                                                                                            It's payback time!

The first one-on-one date

Keelan picked up the first one-on-one date of the season and went on a yoga date with Qiniso. After a relaxing session, the two had breakfast together and pretty soon, things turned very deep and very personal when Keelan opened up about his previous relationship. With tears in his eyes, he confessed to having cheated on his ex to get out of their relationship. A risky move by all accounts, but his honesty won Qiniso over and helped the two build on their trust and intimacy. The result? The season’s first kiss and a rose for Keelan!

                                                                                                               Pucker up


Ruan’s surprise picnic

After getting the First Impression Rose, Ruan felt that he was not getting enough time with Qiniso. Luckily, Qiniso felt the same way and whisked him away on a cute date; a spontaneous picnic. The two seemed at ease with each other and had a fun time on the lawn overlooking the peaceful river. “Serious conversations are important to have, BUT, I feel like the way we’re going off in little tangents, and just really enjoying each other’s company and enjoying the moment is just as valuable,” Qiniso told a happy Ruan. Some of the gents, who were within eyesight of the couple, felt a tad jealous of the little picnic date and were worried he would receive a rose.

No room for BS at the Cocktail Party

 The Cocktail Party got off to a flying start, with Justin alerting everyone to the fact that women tend to see through men’s BS. This sparked an impromptu grilling of the guys by Q who wanted to know what BS the guys in the mansion were hiding from her. While others scrambled for responses to give Qiniso, Brad opened up about something he later confessed may have been a tad too personal for that setting. Later, Qiniso stole a kiss with Cameron, asserting herself as a woman that takes charge and makes her own decisions. Needless to say, this left Cameron on cloud nine, while the other gents looked disappointed.

Brad and Marc leaving

As expected, the Rose Ceremony was a tense affair, particularly for Peter, Aviwe, Brad, and Marc all sweating. This time, two of the men went home:

                                                                                                     Time to say goodbye


Father of two, brand strategist, and Qiniso’s silver fox Marc failed to receive a rose. According to Qiniso, Marc was not 100% invested and was only giving half of himself to the experience.


Banker Bradley, who had rapped for Qiniso on the Red Carpet, opened up about his father at the Cocktail Party but ended up not being chosen by Qiniso.

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