Cool Facts About The Wire

11 December 2020
Check out some cool things about the show
the wire

Get ready to see Dominic West and Idris Elba in action all over again in the thrilling crime drama, The Wire. Are you a big fan of the franchise? Check out some pretty cool facts that you may have not known about this phenomenal show.

  • Former president of The United States, Mr. Barack Obama is a major fan of the show!
  • John C. Reilly almost got the lead role of detective Jimmy McNulty. He's an awesome actor but we can't picture anyone else but the brilliant  Dominic West taking on this role.
  • Actor, Dominic West never thought the show would last more than a season, but it did and performed exceptionally well. We're sure he can take some credit for it as well!
  • Many of the character's backstories were inspired by creators David Simon and Ed Burns's own life experiences or encounters with people they've met.
  • The infamous character Omar is based on a real-life former drug dealer named Donnie Andrews.
  • Actor Michael K. Williams, who plays Omar couldn't whistle and an actress was used to dub all his whistling scenes!
  • The Wire is often seen as one of the best TV shows of all time alongside iconic shows such as SeinfeldThe SimpsonsBreaking BadThe SopranosM*A*S*H, and I Love Lucy.

Watch some of the cast reminisce over this iconic show

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