Cool facts about Blue Bloods

13 March 2023
Did you know these facts about Blue Bloods?
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It's a Blue Bloods affair as the Reagans take over your screens this March on Me. Let's take a look at some cool facts about this award-winning show. 

The dinner scenes

Blue Bloods is known for its incredible Sunday dinner scenes with thought-provoking discussions around the dinner table. These scenes take between four to six hours to film. In the beginning of the series, the crew used actual silverware but later they opted for plastic. This is because the cutlery made too much noise during filming and interfered with the sound. The food is real, and leftovers are given to cast and crew members, but the wine is just juice.

Did you know that the dinner scenes inspired actress Bridget Moynahan to write a cookbook? It is called The Blue Bloods Cookbook: 120 Recipes That Will Bring Your Family to the Table.

The house

Commissioner Frank Reagan’s house is an actual house located in Brooklyn, New York. The house is filmed for the exterior shots, while the dinner scenes are shot in a studio.

Blood brothers

Detective Danny Reagan’s sons Sean and Jack are brothers in real life. Their names are Tony and Andrew Terraciano. Perhaps that’s why they have such great brotherly chemistry.

Real cops

Real cops are on duty during some of the street scenes. This is because the actors often get approached by interested bystanders and safety can be a concern. Former NYPD detective James Nuciforo oversees the script to ensure the stories are as close to real-life police experiences as possible.

Filming location

The series was almost filmed in Toronto due to budget issues, but luckily the crew eventually were able to shoot in New York, which makes the scenes more authentic.

Catch Blue Bloods season 12 from 23 March on Me, channel 115.

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