Celebrities by accident – Fool’s Paradise

19 February 2024
The right place at the right time.
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Some celebrities had to work hard for several years to be recognised, while others had a bit of luck sprinkled into their journey. Whether through unexpected opportunities or chance encounters with industry professionals, here’s a list of stars who also worked hard but had a meeting with Lady Luck as well.  

Rosario Dawson

Young Dawson was spotted sitting on the front steps of her home by filmmakers Larry Clark and Harmony Korine. Both were equally captivated by her and urged her to audition for Clark's movie, Kids. Dawson did just that and landed the role of Ruby. More roles in other films soon followed and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jennifer Lawrence

One of Hollywood’s most respected and highest-paid actresses, Lawrence’s rise to fame began in New York. While minding her business with her parents, a photographer asked to capture an image of Lawrence. This encounter led to an audition for a TV commercial. Many doors then started opening for the star.

Toni Braxton

With multi-platinum certification and recognition, one of the best-selling female artists of all time, Braxton was discovered by songwriter Bill Pettaway, singing to herself while pumping gas at a station.

Anya Taylor-Joy

Actress Taylor-Joy was scouted by modelling agency founder Sarah Doukas in London while walking her dog. She later made the jump from modelling to acting, which has always been her first passion.

A fool for love becomes an accidental celebrity in your Sunday night movie.

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