Blasts from the past

19 April 2021
Flashbacks of your favourite stars.

We've got the biggest and most brilliant stars right here on M-Net City.  Some are newer to the entertainment industry and some have walked a long road to stardom. Let's took a look back at some of their biggest roles in earlier days.


Freddie Highmore

Before Freddie got his hands dirty in the ER with The Good Doctor, he got his hands dirty in a chocolate factory. Highmore claimed his golden ticket to fame after starting as Charlie Bucket in Tim Burton's live-action movie, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Prior to that he also won hearts with his captivating performance in Finding Neverland, also alongside Johnny Depp.

Here's the moment Charlie Bucket found his golden ticket:

Paul Giamatti

Giamatti has starred in several shows and movies over the past decades and is one of the most familiar faces in Hollywood. He has earned respect and praise for his outstanding performance as the ruthless and smart talking Chuck Rhoades on Billions. Speaking of smart-talking, Giamatti played fast-mouth Kenny "Pig Vomit" Rush on the biographical comedy Private Parts in 1997, which also starred the great Howard Stern.

Remember this scene between Howard Stern and Pig Vomit?

Damian Lewis

Fans worldwide affectionally refer to Lewis as Axe, as he has nailed his character to the tee on Billions. Lewis is also an actor who has been in the industry for decades. He rose to fame as Major Dick Winters on Steven Spielberg's war drama miniseries Band of Brothers alongside several other familiar faces in Hollywood. Since then he has made magic in the movie and TV space.

Watch this scene between him and David Schwimmer in Band of Brothers. 

Bill Pullman

Pullman has taken on roles in many genres, from comedy and romance to sci-fi and thriller; and his presence is unmatched! He now takes on evil as the resilient detective Harry Ambrose in The Sinner who has an interesting, and at times questionable, approach to psyching the criminal mind.  Check out a very young Pullman in the comedy Ruthless people. Such a gem of a clip!


We covered some of his most versatile roles earlier on. See some of them below.


Brendan Gleeson

Gleeson can be described as a man of many faces. He has played a wizard, a warrior, Donald Trump, and more! He is known for bringing great dimensions to any character he takes on. We've come to adore him as retired detective Hodges on Mr. Mercedes who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to uncovering the dark truth. 

Here he is as Alastor Moody in the Harry Potter Franchise.