All Things L.O.V.E. This Valentines!

13 February 2017
With Valentines Day here, we wanted to know what our personalities think about all things LOVE.

How are you spending Valentines?

"Probably on stage somewhere, singing for couples.” - Coach Lira.

“I’m spending my Valentines with my wife [pictured], contrary to popular belief, I’m not as romantic as people might think I am, but I have an amazing wife who I love and respect so much.” - Coach Bobby.

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“Right now I haven’t planned anything for Valentines Day, the cruise was the plan, I thought that was enough? Wait, hold on! I’ve got to do more? What!? I was like ‘baby, we’re going on a cruise’. I’ve got to do something more, dammit. I’ll have to come up with something.” - Gavin Edwards [featured image].

How do you know when it’s THE ONE?

"When you are married to your best friend, it sounds corny but when the ‘in love’ part is gone you need to still be best friends, so I think when you are best friends with your other half, that's the one.” - Bobby.

"Sho that's a deep question! I think it’s when you’re completely comfortable with a human being and you get 100%. At the end of the day there are so many people in the world but there’s that ONE person that you connect with on a whole lot of different levels. It’s all well and good connecting with a person on one level but there’s so much depth to people, so to be able to get them on so many levels is, I think, when you know it’s LOVE. If you can put up with them in the morning, when they’re grumpy.” - Richard Stirton.

What is the meaning of LOVE?

“Love means patience, love is kind, love is amazing, man! Love is supposed to make you feel like you’re floating on air. Love is something I see when my son looks at me, he doesn’t need to speak but when he looks at me I see love, I see compassion, I see caring, he cares, he just loves me! Thats the reason why I’m still single because I want somebody to look at me like that. Zero existing! But that’s alright!” -Thembeka Mnguni.

“How would I describe love? I was an idiot about love, I thought I was going to George Clooney myself and be a bachelor but then I met my wife and now I understand what it means to love someone unconditionally and now I get to love my son, Cody unconditionally which is incredible and has actually helped me understand my first two sons better.” - Gavin Edwards.

How do you know when it's LOVE?

Wow! For me the highest form of love is love of the supernatural and that’s obviously what anyone believes but for me God is what love is and I feel like God is in each person and people get to embody that and you’re like; ‘Oh! so this is LOVE in the flesh!’ - Zoë Modiga.

To all our fans, Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!

featured image: meninamay

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