A sisterly bond like no other in Frozen 2

20 July 2020
Anna and Elsa share a love second to none.
Frozen 2 movie

Having a sister is having a best friend for life. She is the one person who will be your loudest cheerleader and most ferocious critic, when needed.

Such is the case with Elsa and her sister Anna. They are fiercely protective of each other. In Frozen 2, when Elsa wants to go to the enchanted forest to uncover the source of a mysterious voice she hears, Anna naturally wants to accompany her sister.

According to producer Peter Del Vecho: "They are endearing in that they are both flawed and aspirational, and there is so much more to their story. And like a lot of storytellers, we found we couldn’t get them out of our heads. We wanted to know more ­– go deeper in exploring this relationship between two sisters."

“If Frozen was happily ever after,” says director Jennifer Lee, “then Frozen 2 is the day after happily ever after. Life gets in the way. It throws you curve balls. So, this is about learning to fight for your place in the world, do what’s right – all of the grown-up things you have to do. There’s still fun and humour, but it’s a deeply emotional story about finding out who we are meant to be.”

And it always helps to have your sister by your side.

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