Behind the name Mark Wahlberg

08 August 2022
Priceless facts about Mark Wahlberg.
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You’ve seen him in quite a few action movies and intense dramas, but do you really know your favourite actor?

We’ve done some digging and unearthed priceless facts about Mark Wahlberg, just for you.

Marky Mark the rapper

Before his career took off as a movie star, Mark Wahlberg was a completely different person.

With the help of his brother Donnie, Mark was a chart-topping bad boy rapper, and his stage name was Marky Mark. His massive hit was titled Good Vibrations. Sadly, the “good vibrations” didn’t last long.

From undies model to Oscar nominee

Did you know that Mark modelled underwear for Calvin Klein?

Yep, he used to flex his masculine physique – especially his taut abs – for the iconic brand. Without a doubt, this career choice got him a lot of attention, especially from the ladies.

In an interview, Mark told a UK publication that it would be embarrassing once his children started asking questions about his underwear modelling days.

Since those days he has launched a successful acting career, including an Oscar-nominated turn in The Departed.

Exercise pro

While still in the process of making a name for himself, a very eager Mark Wahlberg became an exercise professional. He created a professional fitness video that provided a solid workout (stretching, weightlifting, machines, and proper nutrition). Talk about a colourful character!

This certainly explains the chiseled body. The man has always been on beast mode when it comes to working out! He even hit headlines in recent years for his intense workout routine that starts with him waking up at 02:30. In the morning, that is! It got everyone talking and had everyone sharing their daily “workout” routines…including celebs.

Out of all the priceless facts we’ve just mentioned, which one is your favourite?

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