5 Wildest Moments From The Bachelor SA Premiere

15 February 2019
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There are many words we can use to describe the premiere episode of The Bachelor SA - and ordinary is not one of them!

Last night, Mzansi was introduced to the 24 ladies who are hoping to win Lee's heart and ride off into the sunset with their prince. So obviously there was sparkle, there were roses and there was even some drama; just how we like it.  Here are our favourite moments from the show.

Those Entrances. Hectique!

Soccer balls, tarot cards, poetry, achy-breaky hearts, wedding veils (yes, the ones that go with wedding dresses) twins and even test tubes - complete with dodge, bubbly lab chemicals that could eat your face in a split second; whew, we saw it all! We were shocked, amused and even a little gobsmacked at 1). All the cuteness and 2). The sheer audacity. Delicious!

Pleased to meet you


The shady comments

Kelly-Tiegan waltzing in, wedding veil flowing down to her cinched waist, would obviously not go unnoticed. There were collective eye-rolls and searing snark, despite the 23-year-old insisting her outfit of choice was to show Lee she is "serious about committing". Twins Sandy and Lucy also managed to stir things up with appearance, then there was the immediate drama of Michelle R. making her Belle-esque appearance, which birthed this drag.

Tought crowd!


The girls jostling for position

With 24 beautiful single women waiting in line for a chance to get to know Lee at the Cocktail Party, it was bound to get a little difficult for our Bachelor and the ladies at some point. Although some insisted they would hang back and let Lee come to them, it became apparent that taking it easy was not going to cut it, especially with the first Rose Ceremony looming. Some of the ladies took the bull by the horns and got their time, by any means necessary, resulting in hurt feelings, panic and a dramatic "feeding frenzy."  



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The Rose Ceremony

After Michelle R accepted the First Impression Rose, the mood in the mansion immediately turned from hope, to sheer panic. Everyone who had been confident about sweeping Lee off his feet suddenly realised a first-day exit was within reach. And as Lee handed out Rose after Rose to the 21 ladies he would move forward with, hope faded fast. And as fate would have it, in the end, Chantelle, Taryn and twin Sandy found themselves on the first flight home. 


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