Carte Blanche


Carte Blanche is the M-Net pay-channel's flagship magazine and actuality programme, broadcasting throughout southern Africa during prime-time viewing on Sunday evenings.

The programme, produced by Combined Artistic Productions, has become an institution among South African television audiences since the programme's inception in 1988. The show consistently ranks in the top 10 on M-Net and enjoys a large local viewership every week.

Carte Blanche has developed a high degree of credibility in South African television journalism and has been awarded more than 230 local and international awards for quality stories that have made a difference. In August 2008, to commemorate 20 years on air, Carte Blanche launched the "Making a Difference" Campaign.

As the name suggests, Carte Blanche covers a variety of subjects and prides itself on the diversity and depth of its stories. Stories range from investigations into abuse of the vulnerable, to the inspiring determination of South African sports personalities, both abled and disabled. Carte Blanche is also known to go undercover in tracking and arresting high profile criminals, or takes time out to explore the edges of existence.

Ruda Landman and Derek Watts anchored the programme since its first broadcast and enjoy the status of the longest-running anchors on South African television. Sadly, Ruda left the team during 2007.


Carte Blanche aims at professional investigative journalism with actuality reports and in-depth features of the highest quality.

Honesty, courage and objectivity are our ideals.

We resist the usual, and challenge convention.

We transcend borders and strive to open minds, stimulate debate, nurture understanding and tolerance.

All this we do with the conviction that our audience has the right to see it all.