Stream the latest and greatest South African short films, local film industry

15 Julie 2021
SUPP gives you access to fresh-on-the-scene curated South African short films. And with a small cost of just R49,99 per month, it is certainly worth subscribing to!

5 reasons to stream with SUPP:

  1. You help inspire the future of film in our country
    When you stream SUPP films, you support our local film industry – creating job opportunities and encouraging others to pursue film careers of their own.
  2. You can watch South African stories, told by South Africans
    Our nation has many great stories to share. Stories that are real, relatable and beautiful. SUPP films are locally made, portraying South African viewpoints and characters from all walks of life.
  3. You are directly contributing to the success of the filmmakers
    SUPP is a non-profit streaming service, with most of the proceeds going straight to the talent. If you’re a patron of the arts, know that every film watched moves our filmmakers closer to realising their potential.
  4. You get full access to films of all genres
    Our online platform allows you to stream any film genre from the comfort of your couch. Comedy, performance, thriller – whatever your preference is, you can look forward to a great selection of entertainment.
  5. To subscribe only costs R49,99 per month
    With such a small fee to pay, your SUPP subscription will be worth every cent. Trust us.

We’re supporting local talent. Are you?
Between the initial spark of passion and accomplished title of filmmaker often lies years of struggle. A difficult reality to face, especially in a country like ours where jobs are few and far between. As a non-profit, SUPP strives to provide a space for creatives to grow in their artistic abilities and make something special of themselves. Our streaming service went live in 2020, and we already have over 600 filmmakers registered. If we all show support for South African short films, imagine the bright future that film will have in our country. Subscribe to SUPP and start making a difference.

Fund a film today
SUPP allows you to play a personal role in bringing South African short films to life. All you have to do is donate to an up-and-coming film of your choice. 100% of funds raised go to film production.