Laugh and learn with these 5 educational shows your kids will love

For the Kids 07 April 2021

As a general rule of thumb, parents always want the best for their kids, and this means stimulating their growing minds in the best possible way.

Laugh and learn with these 5 educational shows your kids will love

But for a lot of kids, just the word ‘educational’ is enough to put them off. Luckily, DStv has some amazingly fun shows for kids that are designed to teach and be entertaining at the same time – whether they’re tiny tots or high schoolers.

So, sit back and let’s get into some of the best local and international educational shows to help your child get the kickstart in life they deserve.

Garden Tales

Do your young kids sometimes sit in while you watch your soap operas? The problem is these shows aren’t always very kid-friendly – so, what do you do? Garden Tales is a special soap opera for pre-schoolers featuring colourful animals that teach viewers an important lesson each episode, while encouraging them to discover and explore new environments. Watch your kid get lost in the beautiful story on Tuesday 6 April at 16:45 CAT on CBeebies, DStv Channel 306.

ZooMoo Specials: Bugs

As much as we love our planet and take extra measures to preserve it for our kids, they also need to understand how they can help look after Earth. This means gaining an appreciation for everything that swims, runs, and crawls, and knowing what purposes these critters serve in the environment. This educational show will help kids see that the global decline in insects worldwide is nothing to celebrate, and that this can have big consequences on climate change. Find out how we can love our planet a little more. Show starts on Thursday 22 April at 12:00 CAT on ZooMoo, DStv Channel 314.

Siyaya: Wildest Cape

The team behind Siyaya wants to share the beautiful wilderness with kids. Wildest Cape explores all the wonders the Western Cape in South Africa has to offer. Follow an eccentric scientist who leads a group of youngsters, finding adventure and exploring every nook and cranny of some breath-taking nature reserves every Wednesday at 16:00 CAT on Da Vinci Kids, DStv Channel 318.

400 Years: Taking The Knee

Moving on to something for the older kids – those who love learning about the past and how it impacts life today. This interesting special looks at the people who lived through the European slave trade and the violent resistance that occurred within the Atlantic system. Take a deep dive into why remembering those who paved the way for how we live today is so remarkably important on Saturday 10 April at 20:15 CAT on the History Channel, DStv Channel 186.

How It's Made

Have you ever wondered how bowling balls are made? How about Swiss army knives or music boxes? This addictive show gives you a first-hand look into how everyday items are made, put together, and packed. It’s a must-watch for all techies and kids interested in what makes their favourite things tick! Catch the next episode Friday 2 April at 04:55 CAT on the Discovery Channel, DStv Channel 121.

DStv has some of the best educational programmes for all ages groups. The best part? It’s even more accessible when you download the DStv app. Enjoy our live streaming services and be sure to download the MyDStv app to manage your subscription from the comfort of your home.

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