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Help 01 June 2021

Your Honor, The First Wives Club, The Station and Die Byl – just 4 of 35 fabulous new reasons to stay indoors and keep warm with some great TV this winter

Brr! It’s cold out there and if you’re looking for 1 more reason to snuggle up on your couch and enjoy a break, DStv has 48 of them – all in Box Sets.  

DStv’s Box Sets let you binge your favourite shows in your own time, hold viewing marathons, replay favourite scenes, and go back to check out clues – however you want to watch, that remote control is in your hands.  

June’s big Box Sets include the gripping Bryan Cranston drama series Your Honor and with it now in a Box Set, you can appreciate the intricate way that the consequences of his character’s actions play out. The First Wives Club is 1 to watch with your busy besties, and with it on Box Set you can see each episode together as a group on the night when you can all make it work – it’s so much more fun when you can cackle together. Plus, if you’re looking for a brilliant addition to your friends’ comedy night, A Black Lady Sketch Show S2 is coming to Box Set, too. Local drama series The Station carries its tale of money, greed, and backstabbing on the backs of some brilliant performances, so give it the love it deserves – pull up to your local DStv service station and fill up your TV tank with all 13 episodes. And if you’re in the mood for some crime thrills, the cat and mouse game between Byl and his least favourite serial killer ratchets up the intensity this season in Die Byl. Get the Box Set and look out for the clues you might have missed between episodes. There’s also the documentary series The Real Manhunter, about a real-life serial killer-catching cop.  

Chase away the winter blues by the light of a DStv Box Set. It’s sizzling hot TV.! 

How to watch Box Sets 

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June’s Main Attractions

Your Honor S01 Exthoriz Template Ci (1)

Your Honor S1  

New Orleans judge Michael Desiato (Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston) sparks a tragedy when he conceals evidence to protect his teenage son, Adam (Hunter Doohan), from deadly retaliation after Adam kills the son of Mafia kingpin Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg) in a hit-and-run accident. Michael has already lost his wife and Adam is all he has. But when Michael’s actions accidentally frame a young gang member for murder, it could lead to an all-out war that’ll take down the city. This 10-episode nail-biter is adapted from the Israeli TV series Kvodo.  

Binge from Tuesday, 1 June to Tuesday, 29 June (DStv Premium and Compact Plus) 

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First Wives Club S1 

This comedy series is based on the 1996 film of the same name and the original 1992 First Wives Club novel by Olivia Goldsmith. 3 fabulous best friends – frustrated surgeon and cheated-on wife Bree (Michelle Buteau), R&B diva Hazel (Jill Scott), whose husband wants to trade her in for a younger model, and attorney-turned-bored-politician’s wife Ari (Ryan Michelle Bathe), gang up for sisterly comfort and maybe even revenge after their marriages fall apart. S2 is already in the works, so in the words of the women themselves: “Don’t get mad, get everything!” – and now you can with this Box Set. 

Binge from Wednesday, 16 June to Wednesday, 14 July (DStv Premium and Compact Plus) 

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The Station S1 

4 working-class heroes named Slee, Fix, Cynthia and Caesar inherit a petrol station from its owner, their mysterious boss, Don. But while they’re happy to embark on their fresh start as business owners, they aren’t prepared for the vultures who’ll start circling once word gets out that Don is out of the game. And the new owners don’t have time for drama to come knocking, they have enough trouble of their own at home in their personal lives and even reaching any kind of agreement amongst themselves.  

Binge from Monday, 28 June until Monday, 26 July (DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact and Family) 

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Die Byl S3 

Colonel Piet van der Bijl, better known as Die Byl, and his team are back investigating serial killers in this Leon Kruger series. As the season begins, Byl is still reeling under the guilt he feels for what happened to his team during S2, while Sergeant Stuurman’s physical and psychological process of recovery will place strain on his relationship with Dr. Shani van Rooi, and Captain Lena Maree battles to juggle career and family in a profession that forces the demands of parenthood to take a backseat.  

Binge from Tuesday, 29 June until Tuesday, 27 July (DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact) 

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Total Bellas S5  
A Black Lady Sketch Show S2 
VIP Invite S1 
The Twilight Zone S2 
The Equalizer S1 
The Buzz S5 
Becoming S1 
Rockville S5 

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