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Highlights 07 July 2021

DStv’s Catch Up service offers you TV in your own time, and there’s so much more to see on all packages this month.

Looking for more control with your remote control? Catch Up is DStv’s way of letting you see the latest episodes of your favourite shows in your own time.  

From Premium to EasyView, everyone can stream DStv’s most popular shows from your package on Catch Up, using an internet connection via your Explora or Explora Ultra, or using the DStv App on your PC, Android or IOS devices.  

Why Catch Up?

Create your own schedule: You can decide on your night’s viewing order and shows. Make up viewing themes like Tuesday comedy nights, or Sunday action. There’s no more skipping through channels trying to find something to fill the gap while you’re waiting for your favourite series to come on live TV. And if you've had an exhausting day and you're not up to your tense emotional drama, you can save it for the weekend and just watch your cooking and makeover shows instead.   

See it all: You can watch shows that were on while you were watching 1 of your other favourites without having to download it and take up space.  

Re-watch a moment: Whether you’d like to re-live the emotional impact of a kiss or a death, or someone spoke over an essential piece of dialogue, with Catch Up, you can start up that episode, skip to your moment, and re-live it or clear things up. Whatever you need.  

Put it on pause: If you’re into series wardrobe and décor, being able to watch and pause the show means you can take a closer look at an outfit or set details – this is especially great for sci-fi and detective show fans.  

Binge: Whether you want to see the 4 latest episodes of your favourite soap, or binge a whole season of a show, you can do that on Catch Up.  

Box Sets: With Catch Up, if DStv is making a show available as a Box Set, and with your Explora connected to the internet or via the DStv App, you will be able to see all the season’s episodes aired to date, rather than the latest 4 episodes, if you want to binge it. 

Catch Up for your package!

Here’s just a small sampling of what’s already available for your package in DStv’s Catch Up back catalogue. Click on the links and try it out! 

DStv Premium

Reyka S1 

Catch Up from Sunday, 25 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season.  

Watch Reyka now Watch M-Net now  

Moonbase 8 S01 Stanvert Template B Extendedi

Moonbase 8 S1  

Watch on Catch Up from Friday, 23 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season.  

Watch Moonbase 8 now Watch M-Net now  

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist S2 Keyart HORZ Simplified

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist S2  

Watch on Catch Up from Saturday, 31 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season.  

Watch Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist now Watch M-Net now  

The Republic Of Sarah S01 Stanvert Tmpltebi

The Republic of Sarah S1  

Watch on Catch Up from Thursday, 15 July. Will build to a box set so all episodes will stay up throughout the season.  

Watch The Republic of Sarah now Watch M-Net now  

More DStv Premium Catch Up highlights

DStv Compact Plus

More DStv Compact Plus Catch Up highlights

 DStv Compact 

More DStv Compact Catch Up highlights

DStv Family

More DStv Family Catch Up highlights

DStv Access

More DStv Access Catch Up highlights

DStv Easy View 

Latest soaps & telenovela episodes of: 7de Laan, Uzalo, Muvhango, Skeem Saam, Generations: The Legacy, Rhythm City, and Scandal! are available throughout the month.   

FAITH: New Voices from Saturday, 3 July; Praise from Tuesday, 6 July; State of Faith from Thursday, 8 July; 2nd Chance Outreach Ministry from Saturday, 10 July; Empty Out The Negative from Saturday, 17 July; Confused Sexuality from Saturday, 24 July.  

EDUCATION: Woza Matric (ongoing)  

NEW SOAPS! Durban Gen from Thursday, 1 July; Imbewu from Thursday, 1 July. 

Keep checking, because new content is added to Catch Up all the time.  

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