Let the hunt begin

Kids 19 August 2022

Craig and his clique explore uncharted territories and get to the heart of the mysterious cube.

Let the hunt begin

There’s always an adventure for Craig and his friends to explore in Cartoon Network’s (DStv Channel 301) hit animation series Craig of the Creek.

Sure, Craig and the Slump Kids have been around the block for a while but in Season 4, they go on a new expedition, where they forge new friendships, uncover mysteries, and let their imagination run wild. So, get your kids to join Craig and the rest of the Creek Kids as they set out to find the remaining pieces of a mysterious cube, which is meant to unlock treasure.

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Getting to the heart of the matter

Seeing that Craig and his friends defeated former king of the Other Side of the Creek Xavier in an unarmed war, the Creek’s playgrounds are now open to all. Unlike Xavier, Craig leads with empathy and compassion. As a result, the Creek Kids turn to him for advice or a shoulder to lean on.

As a token of appreciation for his heroic deeds, the skating crew give Craig a cube which leads him down a rabbit hole of some sorts. It turns out that the cube is one of 26 pieces that belonged to Xavier’s older brother Kenneth. After he outgrew the Creek, Kenneth either gave a block to the younger kids or scattered them across the Creek. Legend has it that he hid a treasure somewhere in the Creek called The Heart of the Forest and is unlocked when the 26 pieces to a cube are linked. Craig and his friends set out to find the rest of the cubes and invite the infamous Green Poncho, who now goes by his real name, Omar to join them. Throughout their journey, they discover the true meaning of friendship.

The Creek comes together

Other than Craig’s treasure hunt, Season 4 explores how the different squads at the Creek integrate. In one of the episodes, Craig forms a stronger bond with Eileen, who goes by the name Sewer Queen at the Creek. She invites him to her house to convince her family that she is still part of the swimming team, but she’s actually been spending time at the Creek’s sewer, growing her kingdom and building her members’ confidence. Craig agrees to help her sell the lie or rather, pretend to be in the school’s swimming team but because he is a bad liar, he almost cracks under pressure.

In a twist, Sewer Queen is forced to reveal the truth and she’s surprised by her mother’s reaction. “If you didn’t like being in the swim team you could’ve told me,” says Sewer Queen’s concerned mom. “I like it when you stick to your commitments but I’d rather you commit to something you enjoy – and if being in the Creek with your friends is that thing, then that’s great. I don’t want to know that you are doing well at the swim team, I just want to know that you’re doing well,” she adds.

Apart from exploring Eileen’s personality, the episode celebrates diversity and positive representations as viewers get to see more of her family life and Filipino culture. Season 4 fosters inclusivity and life lessons in the storylines, which makes for a fun learning experience.

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