The Big Bozza Cook-off

Local 17 June 2022

Meet The Feisty Foodies From Honey Tv’s Banter-Filled Cooking Show

The Big Bozza Cook-off

With laughter and taste at the heart of it, The Big Bozza Cook-off is one of the newest cooking shows on the local scene. The popular chef, comedian and TV host – The Funny Chef, along with seasoned cook Chef Mbombi, take on the roles of food experts on the show. Every Monday at 17:00 (DStv 173) viewers get a taste of different popular dishes that have a unique spin on them.

Three foodies judge the two celeb chefs to see whether their skill in each episode is up to par. Oyama Botha is fun, zealous, and sassy. “I loved how we also got along – there were lovely positive energies flowing all season,” Botha says. What you see is what you get with our second foodie, Vuyolwethu Mbewu. Her knack for comedic timing makes her a perfect fit for the fast-paced banter that makes the show as thrilling as it is. She remarks that “just being outside of my comfort zone and taking each moment in was very exciting for me.” Asisipho Burwana is an online favourite with popularity on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram alike. “It was definitely fun seeing the chefs transform ‘traditional’ recipes into modern dishes,” he says. “I also loved the anticipation we had about the different dishes among the foodies.”

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“I love how we were just allowed to be ourselves through it all. I feel like as a plus-size woman or anyone else whose plus size, society takes away the basic human right of enjoying food” says Mbewu. “This show allowed me to be a plus-size woman who enjoys food openly.”

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Catch The Big Bozza Cook-off every Monday at 17:00 on DStv 173. Follow @honeyafricatv online.

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