Alice’s Wonderland Bakery

Kids 03 June 2022

Where there's a whisk, there's a way

Alice’s Wonderland Bakery

Calling all aspiring kiddy bakers! Magical recipe adventures await in Alice’s Wonderland Bakery S1.

The theme of Alice's Wonderland Bakery is to follow your dreams and after inheriting her great grandmother's cookbook, young Alice finds herself in charge of Wonderland Bakery. Here, she discovers the magic of food while exploring the kingdom on various culinary adventures, accompanied by Fergie the white rabbit, Hattie and Rosa the Princess of Hearts.

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Now you and your little one might recognise some of these names from the original Alice in Wonderland cast…Well with their help, Alice and her friends embark on magical recipe adventures in the bakery and whip up whimsical cakes and treats for friends and neighbors with enchanted kitchen tools and ingredients to help them, because where there's a whisk, there's a way!

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