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The latest movies on your TV, with DStv BoxOffice

Highlights 01 June 2022

Be the Big Screen Boss with brand-new films on DStv BoxOffice this June

The latest movies on your TV, with DStv BoxOffice

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home! It’s time to stomp your ruby red slippers this June, because the best cinema experience is right where you want it.

Just cue up a movie on BoxOffice and stream it directly through the DStv platform, using your DStv Explora or Explora Ultra. And instead of braving the cold, the crowds, the popcorn prices, the parking perils, the rush for the loos, and the long road home, you could bask in the warm glow of fresh big screen movies right now, on your own TV.

Read on for this month’s highlights and your quick and easier-than-ever guide making every night Movie Night with DStv BoxOffice… Youth Day, Father’s Day, World Oceans Day, in Pride Month, the school holidays, the Queen’s Jubilee, and whenever else you’re celebrating this June.

The 1 to book!


This Youth Day, get the whole family talking about the challenges that South African kids are facing with this heart-breaking film from Losing Lerato director Kagiso Modupe. Thando (Zikhona Bali) is a teen whose life is hanging by a thread after a “Blesser” leaves her pregnant in a community torn apart by gender-based violence, colourism, peer pressure, cyber bullying and poverty traps.

On BoxOffice from Thursday, 16 June

5 Must-See June BoxOffice movies

Death on The Nile

Come for the mystery, stay for the 1930s vintage vibes and Egyptian scenery. Detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) has a whole paddle steamer worth of suspects when murders disrupt glamorous mega-rich couple Linny (Gal Gadot) and Simon Ridgeway-Doyle’s (Armie Hammer) honeymoon on the Nile river.

On BoxOffice from Saturday, 25 June


It’s time to find out why We Don’t Talk About Bruno in this Disney animated movie with songs by Lin Manuel Miranda. The magical Madrigal family are a local legend in their small Colombian village, but when trouble strikes their house, Encanto, the secret to saving it might lie with the only “ordinary” member of the family, Mirabel (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz).

On BoxOffice from Tuesday, 21 June


Humanity is caught up in the millennia-old battle between the 10 superpowered Eternals and their enemies, The Deviants, when that Thanos “un-snap” brings humanity back to life in large enough numbers to spark The Emergence, which heralds the destruction of Earth. Directed by Chloe Zhao (Nomadland), with Brian Tyree Henry, Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek.

On BoxOffice from Sunday, 19 June

Turning Red

Pixar tackles the utter chaos that marks the onset of puberty can bring for girls in this empathetic animation centred on 13-year-old Mei (voiced by Rosalie Chiang), who starts busting out of her teacher’s pet ways and her mother Ming’s (Sandra Oh) control after she finds out that strong emotional outbursts now turn her into a giant red panda.

On BoxOffice from Monday, 27 June


A classic, full-adrenaline Michael Bay action shoot-’em-up. When struggling veteran Will (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) turns to his adoptive brother, career criminal Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal), for help after his wife is diagnosed with cancer, Danny ropes him into his band heist promising a clean getaway and enough money to pay any medical bills.

On BoxOffice from Wednesday, 15 June

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Also coming to BoxOffice this June

  • Dakota on BoxOffice from Wednesday, 1 June
  • Dog on BoxOffice from Friday, 3 June
  • The Contractor on BoxOffice from Sunday, 5 June
  • Through The Glass Darkly on BoxOffice from Tuesday, 7 June
  • A Day To Die on BoxOffice from Friday, 10 June
  • Marry Me on BoxOffice from Monday, 13 June
  • Beurtkrag on BoxOffice from Wednesday, 22 June
  • Ted K on BoxOffice from Wednesday, 29 June
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