The single guy, his wingman & 15 lovely ladies!

Local 07 April 2022

Francois Jacobs and his wingman Schalk Bezuidenhout are looking for love in Op My Eish! Season 2. Meet the ladies who think they’re The One.

The single guy, his wingman & 15 lovely ladies!

The time has finally arrived for actor Francois Jacobs (known for his role as Sampie de Klerk in the Afrikaans movie Vir Die Voëls) to find his own true love in the reality series Op My Eish Season 2, which kicks off on Thursday, 14 April on kykNET (DStv Channel 144).

15 beautiful women took the brave step to sign up for this series and, hopefully, find love with Francois just like actor Neels Van Jaarsveld (Ben Kruger in the drama series Fynskrif) did Op My Eish Season 1 (now on Showmax).

Now it’s time for everyone to say hello!

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15 tickets to adventure

With the help of Francois’ wingman, the comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout, Francois, Schalk and 12 of the 15 participants (he’ll say goodbye to 3 ladies at the beginning when he doesn’t form a connection with them) travel to Mbombela (Nelspruit, Francois’ hometown) in Mpumalanga, where the love-seeking adventure begins.

“The ladies are all unique and brought their own flair to the series,” says Francois. “Viewers will see that the ladies are initially uncomfortable with the camera crew around them who capture everything on film, but over time they become accustomed to it. The excitement of taking part in the process and the possibility of finding love also plays a big role in staying in the series, despite the cameras peeking at everything,” says Francois.

The best wingman!

Schalk plays an important role in the programme. “He is the best wingman a guy can ask for. Our friendship has grown since we worked together on the movies Kanarie (2018) and Kaalgat Karel (2021). He helps me through the whole process, even behind the scenes when my head spins over who to choose and who to send home. He helps to calm my heart, reveals Francois.

Schalk claims that he immediately said yes when the producers of the show contacted him about the gig as wingman to Francois. “Francois always brings a good spirit to any project he undertakes, so I knew the season was going to be anything but boring. On top of that, the ladies who entered this season are terribly cute and I told Francois I can’t believe how lucky he is, and I hope he feels flattered.”

The dates on which Francois will take the ladies are romantic but also adventurous. “I have a romantic side to me, but in the same breath: Why not jump off a mountain with a parachute and land at a picnic site where you can quietly enjoy strawberries, chocolate and champagne next to a waterfall? Viewers will see a good balance between my adventurous and romantic sides,” says Francois.

The series promises surprises galore. “It has to do with the choices I make, the decisions that the ladies make among themselves – and there is a nice twist at the end that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats,” Francois hints.

Meet the ladies

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