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Projek Dina: a voice for victims

Missing persons, gender-based violence and human trafficking are under the spotlight Projek Dina Season 2 on DStv

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About the Show

Projek Dina is a rapid response team of officers at work on missing persons cases in the Western Cape. It’s a pressure cooker environment that puts considerable strain on the officers’ private lives. In Projek Dina Season 2, the Task Force stumble upon a case that brings Ronel (Chanelle de Jager) closer to finding her lost sister, Dina. Former Hawks investigator Marcell van der Watt acted as a consultant on the series, along with, Nicky Rheeder and Bianca van Aswegen from Missing Children SA.


Dina is so near yet so far in Projek Dina Season 2

21 February 2022

New challenges await the missing persons Task Force in Afrikaans crime drama series Projek Dina Season 2 on DStv

The team & their stories

Special guests

Watch Projek Dina Season 2, Tuesdays on kykNET (DStv Channel 144) at 20:00 on DStv
Ruben Engel in his role as Lloyd in 2019 in the Afrikaans soapie Suidooster. It seems in Projek Dina as Rodriego he’s also a troublemaker.
  • “Antoinette Louw (Karen in the drama series Swartwater) is back as Alexandra Steyn. Viewers will remember she was also abducted as a child, and later started working for the syndicate,” says Roberta.
  • “Louw Venter (Stefan in the drama series Fynskrif) plays Stanley van Tonder (episode 6 on 5 April). Stefan is Mischa Roux’s (Marguerite van Eeden, Hannelie in the drama series Afgrond) dad. They’re both part of a case that has been dragging for 25 years.
  • And Sandra Vaughn (Renate in Afrikaans soapie Binnelanders) plays Cecile (episode 4 on 22 March). Cecile’s husband goes missing – just like 3 other guys with similar facial features.

Episode guide

Episode 1

The Task Force is reunited to investigate a high-profile case, but Ronel is hesitant to give up her safe new lifestyle.

Episode 2

A teenage girl is reported missing, and the Task Force suspects her stepfather has something to do with her disappearance. Ronel experiences tension in her household.

Episode 3

The Task Force is looking for a missing young model, but a twist in the investigation reveals several obscure possibilities: Like that the syndicate that kidnapped Dina is active again…

Episode 4

3 men with similar features are reported missing, but the Task Force are anxious to investigate the syndicate’s operations.

Episode 5

The Lagoon syndicate case runs dead, but all is not as it seems. A teenage boy goes missing under mysterious circumstances and the case has the unit baffled.

Episode 6

A cryptic clue convinces Ronel that Dina wants to be rescued. While Charlie and Lux try to discover the members of the syndicate, Deon attempts to solve a 25-year-old cold case.

Episode 7

Lux and Charlie investigate Magdalena and start to wonder if she might be part of the syndicate. When a missing girl’s brother comes looking for her, the new life she created falls apart.

Episode 8

A missing teenager is seen where she is used as a sex worker, the Task Force get a tip about the syndicate, and Ronel is deeply torn when she realises who called in with the tip.

Episode 9

Ronel finally has evidence that Dina is sending her in a specific direction. Deon and Charlie must act fast and put their heads together to locate Karen, who has gone missing.

Episode 10

The Task Force strikes at the syndicate, Charlie is in danger, and Dlomo and Lux are on Niewoudt’s trail. Ronel goes after her sister, and Deon is confronted by a difficult decision.

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