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Five tribes, one destiny on Blood Psalms

The time of the prophecy is here: War looms between the five tribes of ancient Khemet and the gods prepare to end the world…again.

Watch Blood Psalms Season 1 Wednesdays, from 28 September on Showmax.

About the Show

27 September 2022

Around a thousand years after the drowning of Atlantis, a new cataclysm threatens the five tribes of ancient Khemet. Their ancestors once fled Atlantis with bare backs and a handful of sacred objects. The rains have failed, signs and dreams disturb the night, and ghosts walk the earth. Meanwhile, an almighty power struggle is set to break out as the five tribes come together for a king’s wedding. As Princess Zazi (Bokang Phelani) of the Akachi approaches her 18th birthday, her father, King Letsha (Mothusi Magano) knows that he must either sacrifice her, or see his bloodline and reign fall to dust.

Watch Blood Psalms Season 1 Wednesdays, from 28 September on Showmax.


Layers of Blood Psalms

25 October 2022

Bloods Psalms’ co-executive producer, writer and director Jahmil X Qubeka digs into the origins and inspirations of the series.

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