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The Night Caller

Thomas Meadmore furthers the work of investigative journalist Estelle Blackburn to exonerate two men framed and arrested for crimes they didn't commit.

Sundays on CBS Justice (DStv channel 170) at 20:00

Series director, creator and editor Thomas Meadmore embarks on a dangerous, atmospheric journey to the years 1958-1963 when serial killer Eric Edgar Cooke’s 5-year crime spree confounded police. Two innocent men were arrested and framed for the crimes, allowing the killer to keep escalating and leaving a sleepy community in Perth, Australia, reeling in terror.

Behind the Screen

Crime & punishment in The Night Caller on DStv

15 July 2021

The Night Caller series director, creator and editor Thomas Meadmore gives us the chalk outline of how he created the show’s twisty plotline