Meet Junior, Africa’s Newest Animated Adventurer!

News 17 April 2023

Cartoon Network’s New Pan-African Animation Collaboration takes African Animation to the World

 Meet Junior, Africa’s Newest Animated Adventurer!

Meet Junior, Africa’s Newest Animated Adventurer!

Cartoon Network’s New Pan-African Animation Collaboration takes

African Animation to the World

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Conceived in France, written in Togo, and voiced in Kenya, Junior (17:00 CAT) is a new pan-African Cartoon Network animation collaboration that takes African stories to the world.

Created by Christophe Guignement from the work of Vanessa Pancrazi and directed by Emilie Rimetz, Junior explores the world of the titular 10-year-old and his friends in the sleepy River Neighbourhood in Mikako, a fictional equatorial African country.

“We’re delighted to be able to tell stories from an African perspective to children around the world, with relatable characters and situations that are grounded on our continent,” says Christophe Guignement. “Written in a workshop of all-African writers in Togo and voiced by a dynamic young team of voice artists in Kenya, Junior is a truly African show at heart that demonstrates the power of collaboration in helping give the continent a voice on the global animation stage.”

Junior is full of life, always getting into something new. The freedom given to him by his parents allows him to explore the world his way – a contrast to the way his friend Arthur’s (a recent arrival in Mikako from the Pyrenees in France) parents manage his life. Junior’s Dad (Junior Senior) and mom (Mama) keep a close watch on him while he explores: giving their kid freedom doesn’t mean letting him do whatever he wants! When he does get into a tangle, his go-to phrase is ‘it wasn’t me – honest!’ – because, according to him, it’s never his doing but always the fault of some incredible event.

At the end of every school day, Junior and his friends stop off at their ‘headquarters to hatch bright ideas - a ‘Golden Idea’ - to put into action. A ‘Golden Idea’ is a smart move which provides Junior with a solution to solve a typical problem in his daily life as a kid, either for himself or for someone else – covering everything from ‘How can we be friends again?’ to ‘How can I ask a girl to come and play?’ Every one of Junior’s adventures is a ride into the unknown, with his group of friends - Yaya, Bintou, Pom C and Arthur - working together to solve challenges that are often of their own making.

“Junior is a cross-continental comedy show for kids, featuring stories of friendship, solidarity, resourcefulness, persistence and happiness, interwoven into the fabric of school and family life,” says Ana Gonzalez, Editorial Lead: Southern Europe and Africa, Kids Brands, Warner Bros. Discovery “The lessons are universal to children across all seven continents but show off Africa's warmth and powerful storytelling traditions.”

Don’t miss Junior on Cartoon Network Africa (DStv Channel 301) at 17:00 CAT every weekday.

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Meet Junior, Africa’s Newest Animated Adventurer!

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