How to beat the mid-year slump

On your Screen 07 September 2021

How to beat the mid-year slump

How to beat the mid-year slump

It feels like just yesterday that we celebrated the new year and we're excited about 2021 filled with possibilities. Can you believe we’re rapidly approaching the end of the year already? The middle of the year is often tough, with people feeling overwhelmed, tired, or even just bored at times.

To help you make it through the final stretch and prepare for the long-awaited December holiday, we’ve got some tips to help you shake things up and make sure the last few months of the year are filled with excitement, entertainment, and good vibes.

Escape your reality

Need a break from your everyday life? Season 6 of Big Brother Naija is the perfect way to escape whenever you need to. The season kicked off on 24 July, and the housemates are already living their best lives as they compete for the N90 million grand prize. You can keep up with their antics all day, every day, on DStv Channel 198. At the end of each week, someone will be evicted, and you can see the eviction in action every Sunday at 20:00 CAT.

Keep up with the latest relationship drama

Sometimes, a little drama is exactly what’s required to inject some excitement into your week – and we’ve got just the thing. Sankofa Reunion is the follow-up to Sankofa, a reality show in which exes had the opportunity to rekindle their love by carefully examining what went wrong the first time. Now, in Sankofa Reunion, you can catch up with these couples to find out if they are still madly in love, or if things went up in flames. Feel the love Saturdays at 20:00 CAT on Akwaaba Magic, DStv Channel 150.

Feel inspired

If the year seems to be dragging on forever, take the time to feel inspired. Binging with GameChangers is a talk show that’s about identifying the things that make some of Nigeria’s most powerful people so successful. It’s an opportunity to listen to their stories and understand where they have come from. You can even use the time to rethink your passions and set new goals for yourself. Set a reminder for every Sunday at 19:00 CAT on Africa Magic Family, DStv Channel 154.

A quick spring clean will do you the world of good

Our homes have quickly become a hub of activity. Between working and learning from home, we can quickly lose track of cleaning up and staying organized. Auntie Paulina and her co-presenters visit Ghanaian households and show them just how dirty their space is. They then coach homeowners on how to clean up their act and live healthier lives. Discover new cleaning tips and set yourself up for an organized second half of 2021 on How Clean is Your House, Fridays at 17:30 CAT on ROKGhana, DStv Channel 164.

New Vibes

Sometimes, all you really need is some good music and a dance party to power through the week and make it to the much-anticipated weekend. Listen to the latest homegrown music releases – featuring some of the most prominent Afrobeat sounds. Get groovy every Friday at 18:00 CAT on ROKGhana, DStv Channel 164.

When you need a quick break from it all, the DStv app gives you the features you need to watch your favourite shows anytime and anywhere. All you need is an internet connection to livestream the best content or download it to watch later. You can also update your subscription on the go by downloading the MyDStv app.

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