Why Nasty C is the man of the moment

21 July 2016
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How many 19-year-olds can confidently say they're changing the hip hop game? Not a lot of people come to mind, right?

But if you know Nasty C, you will agree that the young rapper is doing a good job carving a name for himself in the South African music scene. His journey in the industry hasn't been that long and he's already scored himself a number of big achievements.

Let's take a look at why the rapper is the man of the moment...

He's already opening for international artists. Here he is performing at the J.Cole concert in Johannesburg:


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J'Something loves his music. He loves it some much, that he decided to do his own rendition of "Hell Naw".


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His fans are the real deal. 


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How many rappers have had the chance to work with AKA? The Supa Mega is one of SA's biggest artists!

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Remember that time he informed the nation about a possible meeting with Roc Nation?

We could go on an on about Nasty C, but you probably get the picture now.

The rapper will be hanging out with us on Turn Up this Friday at 19:30 on Channel O, DSTV 320. Tune in to learn more about Nasty C.

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