Shane Eagle's Never Grow Up EP has arrived

28 December 2018
The rapper impresses with a new body of work
<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Shane Eagle</p>

Shane Eagle on Friday followed the success of his debut album; 2017's magnificent Yellow with a brand new EP - Never Grow Up.  

With the project taking up just 18 minutes of the listener's time, Eagle wastes none of it in delivering not only some of his smoothest flows to yet, but also his technique to layer narratives on bars over organic, throwback instruments.

Never Grow Up finds Shane resisting the obvious hooks of trap and other commercially viable offshoots to build on what he created with Yellow; a dimension he occupies with total freedom to indulge his most authentic artistic interests. 

Fitting with the artwork, in which he layers childhood photographs over surfaces with equally childlike scribbles, Never Grow Up distils his entire life. In telling and revealing layers to his soul, SA Hip Hop's most methodical dissenter oscillates between pain and beauty with the same agility he bounces between a classic vibe and the sonic freshness of contemporary leanings. 

Photo Credit: Shane Eagle via Instagram