Shane Eagle Drops His Second Album

16 October 2019
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Tuesday midnight arrived with a new gift, Shane Eagle's highly anticipated second studio album, Dark Moon Flower. 

The 23 track project follows the rapper’s 2018 EP, the stunning Never Grown UP EP. Coming just days after Shane premiered his long awaited collaborative single with Nasty C, Paris, the rapper delivered a new catalogue of fresh jams. 

DarkMoon Flower has big shoes to fill, but if early reviews are anything to go by, it looks like Shane Eagle might have managed to sustain momentum and satiate high expectations. His debut album Yellow, which also garnered him a SAMA award, scored him raving reviews. 

The album also set quite the impressive precedent for Eagle, who now boasts two Gold plaques. 

The second plaque is for the Never Grow Up EP, which straddles the rapper’s yellow and black eras. 

Dark Moon Flower features guest appearances by the likes of Nasty C, Lute, The Hics, Celaborate, J-Tek, PatricKxxLee, theMIND, Santi, Bas, as well as Kota The Friend. 

Have you heard it yet?