Rihanna kills another VOGUE cover!

31 July 2018
That Rihanna reign just won't let up!

Every season has its fashion icon; the one prominent face who defines the fashion landscape and influences a great deal of what you end up seeing on the racks everywhere. In reality, that fashion icon has been Rihanna, at least for the past decade.  Also known affectionately as the 'Queen of the Met Gala', the Bajan Pop Queen might as well snatch the Queen of Vogue covers title too!

Rihanna appears on the latest cover of British VOGUE magazine. It's also the September issue, which is the most important one for the fashion publication. 

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And as she so often does, Riri stunned the internet with her decision to depart from the bold eyebrow grain, shifting things up to revive the long-dead razor-thin 'brow trend that died along with a whole lof other weird fashion fads that peaked during the late 90s and early 2000s.

Seeing the retro craze has now travelled all the way back to the 2000s, if runways are anything to go by, she's right on the money. 

Being that she is Rihanna, she's becoming the face to re-introduce the thin brow.  Except that now, she owns a thriving beauty and cosmetic brand that's flying off the shelves everywhere. In fact, her Fenty Beauty products scored all the credits for the face beat on the much talked about cover. 

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Rihanna proceeded to treat her fans to more visually captivating editorials from the issue on her gram. 

Still no word on a follow up to her 2016's ANTI, though. 

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